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City Captured (2015)
5-channel fixed media

Performed on the 2015 EARS concert at the University of Texas at Austin
Performed on the 2015 Students Exhibiting Experimental Dance concert at the University of Texas at Austin
Performed at Electronic Music Midwest 2016

Download stems (141 MB)

There is so much happening around us all the time, yet it is so easy to be oblivious to pretty much all of it.  The title
City Captured therefore carries a double meaning; the piece is an attempt to “capture” the city (as photographs might capture a scene), but it’s really about how the city captures the individual.  In each section of the piece, ordinary sounds from day to day life shift from real to abstract:  Sounds from outside your window – birds, wind chimes, and lawnmowers – turn into a distorted reflection of themselves.  The random noises at a construction site gradually form a harmonic texture.  Metallic clicks and clanks underscore a building traffic jam that becomes more and more unrealistic.  A different band plays in every bar, but as each one passes, the music fades out of the “real” world.
City Captured was written for the Fall 2015 S.E.E.D. dance concert at UT Austin.