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Én vågen krop (2013)
4-channel fixed media
Text by Signe Lykke

Pasted Graphic 1 Click here to watch the performance
Performed on the 2013 EARS, Eyes, and Feet Concert at the University of Texas at Austin

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Én vågen krop, which in Danish means “Awakened Mind,” was composed as two continuous movements from the readings of two poems in five different languages – Danish, English, Spanish, French, and Korean. In the first poem, granular synthesis is used as the primary means of weaving each language in and out of the soundscape. The second poem, titled “The Pulse of the City,” begins with the granulated stream transforming into a more regular and harmonic texture; it is spoken in a clear, elegant, and largely unaltered manner. The poems were originally written in Danish and translated to English by Signe Lykke.

Awakened Mind

Slowly the pale light pours down into
the blackness of the alley
and you come alive
to heated ruptured streets
and glossy winter still tracks
naked bridges
and quivering roads
awakened mind

You let your thoughts stray
to tired traffic lights
church bells are pumping like beating
cement soaked surfaces and thin
touching your face
touching your foot
and you come alive
awakened mind

Cracks in the wall form a system of
and your skin cracks
an imprint of life in vacant rooms
Bare benches and cold handshakes
The playful wind pleases your sheets
and you come alive
awakened mind

Washed clean with snow
now all memories are silent
and the night leaves its pale print
on your curved neck
your sharp shoulders
The moon invites you in
and you unwind
awakened mind

The Pulse of the City

The city sings while its soul continues
the asphalt boils and buzzes
Network of cables connecting the world
humming in the wind
The steady pulse of the city is heart
a faithful, swinging pendulum

the screaming city echoes in burnt
The pace of day increases
Empty sound in empty bottles
Whispers in the dark
The steady pulse of the city is
breathlessness and never ending

The city moans in shy corners
and call upon mislaid memories
from snow shielded sidewalks
in striking harmony
The steady pulse of the city is breathing
in - out