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Pirandello (2015)
Two-Act Musical

Based on the tumultuous life of Italian author and playwright Luigi Pirandello, Pirandello is a musical that explores the fine line between art and love and investigates the desires that fuel us as humans. Two actors explore two sides of the central character - Pirandello the “man”, and Pirandello the “artist.” While Pirandello remains faithful to his wife Antonietta even as she is committed to a mental institution, he seeks artistic fulfillment with the young actress Marta Abba. Meanwhile, Marta has conflicting desires and Antonietta grapples with finding her own strength in Pirandello’s shadow. The two sides of Pirandello are forced to collide, affecting Pirandello’s relationships with both women and the delicate balance between art and love.

Dovere, Potere, Volere
Antonietta, Marta, Maestro, and Luigi

Little Do They Know

Antonietta, Look at Me

The Voices In My Head
Antonietta and Ensemble